Bring your aquarium into 21st century.

INTAQO automates the plants nutrition dosing, keeps track of the situation and let you adjust the parameters from the app on your phone. 

Meet the new

INTAQO essential

Introducing our new integrated controller with all the bells and whistles you would expect from an INTAQO device.  

We did our best to squeeze as many features into the lowest possible price as possible. 

INTAQO essential takes care about plants nutrition, is super simple to setup and available world-wide. 

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Our happy clients

The INTAQO controller is a great addition to any planted aquarium. I was surprised how quick and easy it was to set up and program the device.
I've been looking a while for a ‘smart’ system for my 400L aquascape. Just to make it perfect. The INTAQO controller is working so easy and it saves me a lot of time. Perfect light/Co2 balance is peanuts now.
I really like the INTAQO device and app. We use it on our 800L tank and its really good. The app is simple to use and the accuracy of the device is really incredible.