INTAQO with 120cm LED lamp

INTAQO controller with 120cm LED light

180W, 18.000 lumen packed in stylish aluminum body

Every INTAQO unit comes with a pH probe, Temperature probe and either the Inline solenoid, or with a cable to connect to a 12v integrated solenoid


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LED lamp bundle with INTAQO

INTAQO is an integrated aquarium controller, which combines management of all essential aquarium technology in one device.

First of all INTAQO manages LED lights.  This product bundle includes a 120cm LED light by Lumen lights for aquascaping.

The offered light has the following parameters:

Lights model LRW165-1200H
Power Consumption 180 W
Dimensions 120×16,5×2 cm
Luminous flux 18.000 lumen

Another key feature is Liquid fertilizer dosing. You can schedule dosing of 2 independent pumps.

Furthermore, you can rely on Automated CO2 dosing. The device doses CO2 automatically based on the collected pH values.

Finally, as the only aquarium controller, INTAQO offers Continuous Data logging. Device logs data from your aquarium, which you can use to improve the tank’s conditions.

As a result, being an integrated aquarium controller, INTAQO saves space and reduces cables under the tank.

Additional information

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 120 × 16.5 × 6 cm
CO2 control method

Inline solenoid, Without solenoid